Double Exposure Kit 多重曝光特效After Effects模板下载

Double Exposure Kit 多重曝光特效After Effects模板下载


Double Exposure Kit gives you the ability to create absolutely stunning double exposure results with your images or video.

Go beyond 2D with the ability to add parallax to your results, add dust particles, sparks, flames or bokeh. A beautiful, expressive project for creating a lasting impression on your audience.

Check out the Double Exposure Kit HD preview.



Hovered over other examples of double exposure but eventually chose this and it’s brilliant. Very clear tutorials, very customizable with lots of nice touches to play with. Saved me weeks (at least) and then not getting it right, allowing me to get on with the fun parts.
- hillmarc


Phenomenal project! One of my absolute favorites.
- jarhead


Great job .. easy to edit, even for a newbie like me. Thank you.
- barreoblique


Your tutorials are INCREDIBLY helpful and even, dare I say, inspiring.
- TonyTone


Great and easy to use tool. Would highly suggest. Fast response and easy to understand technical support.
- Graham5bird



  • Create Double Exposures from Images or Video
  • User Customizable Primary Source, Secondary Source and Background
  • Advanced Parallax Editing System � Target Primary or Secondary Sources
  • 20 Modular Compositions
  • 5 Seconds Per Module � Easily Extend to 10 Seconds
  • Subtle Parallax (Optional)
  • 3D Depth of Field (Optional)
  • No Plugins Required
  • After Effects CS6, CC, CC2014 & CC2015
  • All Images Included (Excluding Main Female Image)
  • All Fonts Free � Links in Download
  • Demo From Preview Included � Use as a Base For Your Project
  • Detailed Video Tutorials


Note: It is possible to isolate video elements with this project, but it involves intermediate techniques such as keying green screen elements or rotoscoping. The project file is set up for the primary source to be from a still image, but you can easily add video as the secondary overlay source being double exposed.


Effects Included

  • 5 Static Grunge Textures
  • 4 AE Native Textures
  • 2 Dust Overlays � 10 Seconds � Loopable
  • 2 Slow Motion Dust Overlays � 10 Seconds � Loopable
  • 2 Bokeh Overlays � 10 Seconds � Loopable
  • 3 Fire Overlays � 10 Seconds
  • 2 Slow Motion Fire Overlays � 10 Seconds
  • 2 Sparks Overlays � 2.5 Seconds
  • 2 Slow Motion Sparks Overlays � 10 Seconds
  • 10 4K Light Leaks � Editable


Double Exposure Effects Are Great For

Contrasting Elements � Show your viewer multiple sides of an object or character
Complimenting Elements � Highlight elements that are related in a story or theme
Past, Present and Future � Display the past in the present, or a glimpse of the future
Similarities � Display similar elements, concepts or themes.


Use Double Exposure Kit To Create

Still Images � An artistic way to showcase your still images
Trailers � Show contrasting characters or events unfolding in your next trailer
Sports Motion Graphics � Display highlight footage over your players or team
Wedding Videography � Juxtapose wedding photos with the past or present
Titles � Highlight characters or personalities in your title sequence
Openers � Present early clues for your characters or story

Note: The technique for creating parallax and depth of field in this project is not using displacement maps. By using real 3D layers, you have greater control over the targeted parallax source, depth of field and camera movement.



Under Blue Skies by themusemaker

Side Note � This artist’s music is incredible, some of the best I’ve ever heard on Audiojungle.


Update History

04/15/2016 � Version 3.0

  NEW FEATURE: Advanced Parallax Editing Options    - Add targeted parallax to primary or secondary object  NEW FEATURE: 10 4k Light Leaks    - Editable Source  UPDATE: More Efficient AE Project File    - Renders almost twice as fast as v1 & v2    - Disabled CPU heavy elements  UPDATE: Removed Support for CS5.5    - CS5.5 version still available for buyers - but only for v2.1 and older  UPDATE: 3 New Tutorials    - v3 Overview, v3 Parallax p1 & v3 Parallax p2

02/18/2016 � Version 2.1

  UPDATE: New Tutorial    - Explains How to Insert Video Instead of Images

01/28/2016 � Version 2

  UPDATE: New Preview Video    - Showcases More Kit Features    - Explains Double Exposure Workflow  UPDATE: Minor Bug Fix for Background Layer Editing

11/11/2015 � Version 1.2

  UPDATE: Added Support For CS5.5 & CS6  UPDATE: New Tutorials    - Quick Overview of Isolation Methods    - Covers 2 New Isolation Methods    - Fixed Black Video in Tutorial 2B  UPDATE: Minor Structural Edit for Color Correction Layers

11/05/2015 � Version 1.1

  UPDATE: Universalized Expressions  UPDATE: Added Example Double Exposure to Main Project Files

11/03/2015 � Version 1.0

Version 1.0- Initial Release


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